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Company Registration, Pretoria NorthSo you have an entrepreneurial bent and want to start your own business, This page has everything you need to know about starting a business, written by a serial entrepreneur who has failed, who has succeeded, and failed again, succeeded once more and walked away in disgust more than once..

I have just closed down a kitchen business in Pretoria that was getting more leads than I could cope with for health reasons. I can't lug all those heavy components about and I am the type of entrepreneur that works best on my own in the sand box.

Registering a Company in Pretoria - making it happen

"Entrepreneur is just a word for unemployable with big dreams, someone too stupid to know any better or they'd get a real job" Guy McLaren

You have probably heard all the nay-sayers and you have ignored them, that's good, the first hurdle is behind you. You want to know, where to from here. The biggest stumbling block between you and your millions is you. You will have to get up and go to work with no one making sure you arrive. You are going to have to make sure that sales happen.

The only thing that will keep your fledgling business out of the bankruptcy courts is sales, Production is important but sales are what drive the business. My problem in the past has never been sales but getting the goods out of the door on time. The big thing you need to understand is that making promises you can't keep is a death knell, Customers angry because you over promised and under delivered are going to affect your ability to do sales.

Under promise and over deliver. If you think it will take two weeks, tell them four. If you deliver in three they will be delighted, but if you deliver in five they will be very upset.

I have started a successful business with little other than need, a few flyers and some grit. I have arrived on site on a motorbike with three toolboxes an overnight bag and some parts. The car had broken down, and I had told the client I would be there on Monday morning, I was. The materials came by truck later that day.

My business ventures have all ensured that the kids were fed, the rent was paid except on one occasion. Trouble stared me down, I stared back and beat it with a stick. It's not the falling down that's important to an entrepreneur it's the getting back up again. If you fall off the horse, stand up, look it in the eye and get back up, every time.

It is possible to win, thousands of entrepreneurs start their businesses with very little but guts and determination. The fact is you need to know that the ones that survive and make it often will tell stories of desperation, of times so tough they thought they were never going to make it. The only reason they did was because they had no choice, but to take on the tigers and beat them.

You need to create the situation where there are no choices. There can be no failure.

Pretoria Company Registration - Getting started

"Trust me: Every entrepreneur has felt like an utter loser at some point." Caroline Ghosn

By the time you get here you probably already know what you want to do, you already have a plan and you want to register a company, get a website, a logo, business cards etc. I have done this and will tell you how. My experience over the years has kept me from the poor house, and I even made a bit of money a time or two.

But the purpose of this website is not so much about how to start up and survive as how to get all the legal stuff out of the way and about getting the clients through the door. I am going to discuss the incorporation of your business, getting it seen and getting sales.
Company registration in Pretoria: name reservation
"Acquiring customers at the start is one of the hardest things you'll ever experiences as an entrepreneur." Julia Hartz

Registering a business in Pretoria, starts with name reservation. You will need to choose four names for your new business and submit them for reservation. If they are similar to another business name they will be rejected. Before we submit any names for reservation, we will search the companies database to see if the names you want to submit are likely to be culled.

Submission of the names for reservation takes about two days, The names will be reserved for a period of six months. After the name approval we can submit the company registration form electronically. They will send a paper form to be signed by all directors and returned with verified ID or passport copies. The total company registration process in Pretoria should take no longer than a week if everything runs smoothly.

Private Company registration in Pretoria

A private company is generally family owned, have limited directors and may not offer shares to the public, A private company is the type of company that used to be called a CC (Closed Corporation). Restrictions are also placed on transferring of their shares. Private companies must have at least one director and one incorporator. The director and incorporator may be the same person. The word “person” includes a juristic entity. This means that a legal entity or a trust may be an incorporator of a new company.

All companies must have a Memorandum of Incorporation (Memorandum) which sets out the rules agreed by the shareholders for the management and maintenance of the business. Private companies may be registered with a standard or a customised Memorandum. The standard Memorandum is provided by law and is integrated into the company registration process.

A customised or non-standard Memorandum allows shareholders to impose certain conditions or waive certain requirements, such as an audit requirement. Such Memorandums must be attached to the applications and may require the assistance of a legally qualified person or someone with company secretarial knowledge. At present, private companies with customised Memorandums can only be registered manually.

Documentation we will require to register your company

Verified copy of id for each director and incorporator is required to register a private company (PTY)Ltd. Make a copy of each directors SA ID document or foreign passport. Take it to a Police station or commissioner of oaths and get the documents verified. You can approach a lawyer, an accountant and some churches also have commissioners.

Getting a BEE certificate for your newly registered company

Companies that earn less than 10 million a year don't need a certificate, They can just have an affidavit. If you get a certificate it cannot be changed till it expires in one year. We include the BEE certificate in our company registration package, subject to the rules.

Company registration Pretoria- What is BEE

BEE or Black Economic Empowerment is aimed at uplifting Black business owners. It is also referred to as Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment so as to include coloureds, Indians and Chinese people.

When the South African Government gazetted updated Codes of Good Practice at the beginning of 2007, it made the implementation of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) a legal reality.

All businesses that deal with the state or public companies or even companies that deal with companies that deal with the state or just subject to BEE may need to provide evidence of compliance.

The size of your company determines the required levels of BEE compliance. The Codes provide for three levels of compliance based on the size of your business:
  1. Exempted Micro Enterprises are businesses with an annual turnover of less than R10 million.
  2. Qualifying Small Enterprises are businesses with an annual turnover of between R10 to R50 million.
  3. Medium to large enterprises are businesses with an annual turnover of more than R50 million.

Pretoria company registration - Advantages of BEE compliance

BEE compliance allows participation in the formal South African economy, Companies will use you as a client, particularly those aiming to acquire at least 50% of annual procurement from companies with BEE certificates.

Companies that comply with BEE are able to bid for Government tenders, apply for licences, get permits and are favourably considered for procurements by the Public Sector and all BEE verified enterprises.

Registered companies have access to tax incentives and financial grants, specifically aimed at the BEE programme.

Having a BEE certificate means you avoid long questionnaires relating to BEE (B-BBEE) when tendering for business.

All the things included in the company registration

  1. Name reservation: You will need to choose four names so that CIPC can allow of deny them, They will deny names based on their similarity to others or if they break the rules. We will check the database for the exact name to prevent you from choosing a name that already exists.

  2. Registration of the company with CIPC: Once we have an approved name we will submit the forms for the company registration

  3. CIPC will send us a form to be signed by all directors, Once they have been signed and the necessary documents supplied, we will submit those as well.

  4. Application for BEE certificate

The costs Company registration in Pretoria

The cost for registration of a Private company is R 550.00. Check out our all inclusive company start up packages below.

We do private company registration in Pretoria and here we discuss the costs of company registration. There are 3 different types of companies that can be registered. In this article we will discuss the costs of registering a Private Company..

We will do your company registration for clients country wide. These are the costs of basic company registration, check out our other company registration offerings on the menu above.

Send an email from the form to start the process.

Registering your company in Pretoria for taxes

A company is automatically registered for taxes when a Company is registered with CIPC. If you don't hear from SARS after registering your Company in Pretoria, you must contact your nearest SARS office.

If a company is not yet registered with SARS, they will, for security reasons, need to do their first-time registration at a
SARS branch. They will not be able to register for the first time via eFiling.

Depending on other factors such as turnover, payroll amounts, whether involved in imports and exports etc, a taxpayer could
also be liable to register for other taxes, duties, levies and contributions such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Pay-As-YouEarn (PAYE), Customs, Excise, Skills Development Levy (SDL) and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) contributions.

You should appoint an Accountant or book keeper to do all this. Taxes are a mine field and in my opinion should be left to the professionals.

Getting a tax clearance certificate

Any company wishing to do business with government will need a tax clearance certificate. If your company is registered as a tax payer, you can apply for a tax clearance certificate online using e filing.

VAT registration for your new company registration

VAT adds a level of complication and extra paperwork and admin that may not be for you. If your business is not going to turn over more than one million Rand It is not necessary for you to register for VAT. You will not be able to claim back inputs and will not charge VAT in this scenario.

You can register voluntarily if your company has turned over more than fifty thousand Rand in the past 12 month period. Talk to your accountant about the benefits of registering for VAT or not.

Control the finances of you Pretoria registered Company

It is vital that you keep a good control of your finances. Many small businesses start of with paper invoice books and do their books manually. This works well if you are good at admin. If like me your skills are better used elsewhere getting a computer system to do the heavy lifting is essential. The good news is that there is something called open source software out there and you can get software to do most things FREE. We discuss open source software for your newly registered Pretoria company below with links to the FREE software available to newly registered companies.

Pretoria Company Registration - Advertising and Marketing

Getting you business seen and getting customers is in my mind the most important part of any fledgling registered company. If you are not doing sales, there is no money to save. It really is that simple. People ask photographers to do work to gain exposure. Here is a TOP TIP. You cannot put exposure in a pot, cook it and eat it. It does not feed your kids, pay the rent or the staff.

Like the majority of advertising I have tried over the years, It brings in very few sales. Be very wary of anyone that is trying to sell you advertising. The bigger the promises, the fewer the results. Over the years I have tried many forms of advertising from classified adverts to big adverts in glossy magazines.

I have always checked my results. If I spend R 400.00 on an advert and it does not earn me more than double that I don't do it again. Having said that you cannot expect to get results from every issue of any magazine, newspaper or even website article that you post. The cheaper the advert, the worse the quality of your leads.

I learned from a handyman service that the results from the classifieds of the local paper, were likely to be people wanting to save money. When I did cheap flyers ie home printed flyers the leads I got were not as good as the leads I got from full colour glossy flyers. facts are that people judge your business by it's marketing, and if it looks cheap, people expect cheap.

If you have a limited budget rather spend more money on a smaller advert that looks fantastic like print fewer glossy colour flyers rather than loads of single colour flyers that look like they come of an inkjet printer at home. Appearances are extremely important.

Advertising is important, having a business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark, only you know about your newly registered company in Pretoria. The people in the know suggest spending 10% of your turnover on advertising. In some cases this may be a bit much, I know in the computer industry, you would not be making a profit if you tried this.

In your budgeting allow for advertising, but the most important thing about advertising is analysing your results. If you get a phone call, ask them how they found you. Make a note and see what is working and what is not. If you are spending R 2000.00 a month on social media and it's not showing a profit, spend it elsewhere.

Pretoria Company Registration - all about the signage

Most important of all, if you have premises get a sign up that looks good, My Dad always told me that a business with no sign is a sign of no business. If you don't have premises do your car up. You don't have to wrap the car, A simple sign in the back window advertising your services and website is often all that is needed. TOP TIP. I have been phoned by the bloke in the traffic behind me more than once.

It is important to know this as well. Light coloured text is easier to read on a cars window than dark text. Simple easy to read words in an easy to read font in white is far better than fancy fonts in black. You want your signs seen. If you have a business name that doesn't describe your service, leave it off. A sign that says simply, "Company registration from R 550, 076 9434 3640," will work way better than ABC Solutions, 076 934 3640.

A sign for your car window will cost less than R 300.00. It's worth every cent. In the beginning you may be tempted to wrap your car or bakkie. It looks good and gives the appearance of a company that is doing well, but having driven a wrapped vehicle for a time, It created no more leads than plain signage done with a paint brush or vinyl cut outs.

Sales not saving pennies will get your newly registered company in Pretoria on the path to success

You have heard that it takes money to make money, The advertising sales people will tell you that you should be spending when others are not and they are correct, as discussed above you should however be spending where you get results from. Companies that start losing market share seem to be run by penny pinching accountants and not sales people.

I worked for a business that was taken over by the accountants. As a sales person I was suddenly forced to justify every every cent I spent on things I considered important. Buying the builder that had just spent some serious money on some equipment a beer or three made sense, because that's where I'd get him to refer me to his mates the electrician, and the plumber.

In any business sales are going to make or break it, not spending the few hundred on buying the builder and his two mates a beer reduces sales. Penny pinching reduces opportunities, but there is a corollary, don't spend more on beer than you earned from the sale, that's just stupid.

Company registration Pretoria - The web site

A website is very important as a sales tool. I have made way more money from my websites than I ever spent on them. The important thing to know as a start up is that a website is not a short term solution. In the short term having a website is great, because there is no cheaper way of allowing your prospective clients access to all of the information they need. Six pages on the web is not the same as six A4 pages. Look at this page, I have placed more info here than I could have anywhere else and it's only one web page.

For a good web site you will need a good domain name, hosting and the web site. Like with the advert on the car, the business name may not be the best domain name to pick. At the current cost of a domain, I'd register two, one that had the company name so that I could have and I would forward that to the descriptive domain name, That way if someone asked for my web address I could say, and still get great results from Google by using the descriptive domain to optimise for my services and products with the search engines.

Any website you develop must be search engine ready. To find out more about our affordable web design package click here. As part of our company registration service, we offer a budget website that is already prepped for Search engine optimisation.

Company Registration Pretoria - Flyers

I was speaking to a friend the other day about flyers and she said to me, I know you are a fan of flyers, You are the only person that I know that it works for. I am also one of the few people I know that would rather print flyers than business cards. I like people to have something to look at and I tried all sorts of brochures over the years, booklets and Z folds are nice, but cost too much.

A plain full colour flyer in a5 or a6 size gives you enough space to show off your products. A double sided flyer doesn't cost too much to justify 5000 a5 flyers cost around 50c each. That's cheap enough to accept that 93% will go straight in the bin. The 7% is what counts.

The thing you need to know about flyers is that picking up someone from the side of the road to distribute them is foolish, they will hand them out to as many people as possible as quick as possible. I have caught them putting 5 flyers in a single mail box, throwing hand fulls into taxis even when you have told them explicitly that taxi commuters cannot afford your services as a general rule.

My trick is I pick a corner and I act the prostitute personally handing out my flyers. Ten thousand flyers have taken months to distribute this way, but every time I handed them out I got phone calls. I still have flyers from the last batch I printed for the kitchen company. I used them to get started and built my web site for the long run. In the first year I handed out flyers about once or twice a month. In the second year I didn't need to because my web site was doing it's job.

If you need a short term solution flyers are the way to go. People keep them if they are thinking about doing what you are offering. I have had phone calls off flyers more than a year after I handed them out. I know this because they phoned me and told me I had been on a specific corner when it was handed to them, and I hadn't been to that part of town since the first few weeks of my start up.

As part of our company registration service we offer a design and print quality flyers for you.

Pretoria Company Registration - Business cards

Business cards are another essential. I have done without them in the past, I used flyers, more information, but when doing business with other businesses having business cards allows you to leave something for their card folder. I know on many occasions browsing through my card folder I have remembered someone that offered a service I now needed, that I didn't when they first approached me.

I have had call backs from companies I visited months before and my card had been tacked to a board on the wall
for when they were ready. In this digital world we think analogue no longer works, but I am pleased to say it does. We offer a card deign and print service for your newly registered company.

Business Registration Pretoria - Save money where it counts

As you can tell I am all in favour of spending on advertising and marketing, These are the ways any registered company recruits, gets work and makes sales. I'd rather spend my last R 1000.00 on a screen, some ink and boards to make signs to put up on street corners, than spend it on software.

The good news is that there is software to do everything your fledgling company needs, without spending much needed funds for marketing. I cannot stress enough sales is the life blood of any company, Money spent to drive sales is always worth it unless it doesn't work.

As a start up I think it is necessary to spend as little as possible on everything you can save on. I have used open source software for many years. My computer systems run linux, I don't have to pay big bucks for windows licences, and best of all I save money and have a system that gives me everything I need for free. All the software I recommend has a Windows version.

All of the recommended software has loads of tutorials on video and in text on web pages. My advice is watch a couple o the ones that teach you the basics and only when you want to do something specific look for a tutorial on that. learn what you need and ignore all the stuff you don't need to know. If you are competent on MS Office, LibreOffice will be a doddle and that goes for most of te software I recommend you try

Here is a list of what I use and the windows equivalents. Search for the software you want, download and install. Don't worry that you will be busted for piracy of software by not pirating it. Use the equivalents that do as good a job and can be had free.

Company registration Pretoria - Getting the books in order

First of all you need an accounting package. GnuCash allows you to do everything from invoicing to stock control and you can have more than one set of books. It does everything so that you have full control of your finances. Right from the word go, you will have all the reports that allow you to see whether you are making a profit or a loss.

GnuCash A personal and small-business financial-accounting software, licensed under GNU/GPL and available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, and Solaris. It's available for most if not all main stream operating system and even a few marginal ones.
Download GnuCash here

Pretoria company registration - Office productivity

Every regstered company needs software to make a spreadsheet, a presentation or just type a letter. Microsoft Office will set you back some moola you don't need to spend. Try Libre Office.

A great alternative to Microsoft Office is LibreOffice. LibreOffice has everything you need for office productivity. This package includes all the components that you need for your start up, Pretoria, Registered Company. You don't need Excel, you have LibreOffice Calc, You don't need Word, you have LibreOffice Write, You don't need Power point, you have LibreOffice Impress, It also has a database component. Download here

Pretoria company registration - graphic design

Instead of using an expensive program like Photoshop, Why not try GIMP. The Graphic Image Manipulation Programme has come a long way since the early days, The interface is a little different to Photoshop, but once you have the knack it will do most things you need Photoshop for. I have been using it for years and it has done everything I have needed for my businesses.
Download the Gimp

For print design I use Scribus. Scribus exports to PDF so your print company can use it for the printing or even just as a pre artwork layout. Download Scribus here

If you need anything else like CAD programme, a video editor or something to do 3D design, There is a solution, Ask me or Google something like this "Video Editing Open Source" if you need a video editor.


Company registration, Pretoria,


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