Bespoke web site design, Pretoria Gauteng

Bespoke web site design, Pretoria Gauteng Bespoke web site design is the creation of a web site to suit a specific customers needs and requirements. For us every web site is bespoke web site design because we know that every industry, every sector of the market has different needs for their website.

Bespoke website design Pretoria: After sales service websites

Do you have a product manual that your clients need access to? Maybe some instructions on how to fit a product, some technical information that existing clients may need, A bespoke website with downloadable manuals or specification sheets may be just what you need. Creating a source of all the data your customers need can save costs of printing and make after sales service a lot easier.

Maybe you need a method for clients to report support requests, a way to control what your service teams are doing, a way for your clients to send emails and get logged reportbacks on their service requests. A bespoke web site design with a service desk department may be just the ticket> we can design something specifically to meet your requirements, rather than a general application that is a work around.

Bespoke website design Pretoria: Sales tools

Would it help your client if he could use your website to calculate just what materials he needs for a project, We once created a range of calculators for a building supplies company so that their clients could work out just how many bricks they needed, how much of the different aggregates and just how many bags of cement.

The Bespoke website created more leads and more sales, people that used the calculators, placed orders. They had less unused materials returned and the mixing instructions for each aggregate were included with the calculators so their clients bought once and did not keep coming back because they had too little, The calculators include waste calculations so when it said the client needed 1m3 of river sand and six bags of cement for the floor, it was enough including shrinkage and waste.

Bespoke web site design Pretoria: e-commerce

We can build a bespoke web site for your wholesale or retail business. Need a customers only area, special offers, a proforma invoicing system to allow prepayment with order, or make it easier for your customers to place orders after hours, to be despatched the following day. You tell us waht you need and we will create a bespoke web site to do exactly that.

Why not have your web site be an online sales person, that is accessible 24 hours a day and can deal with multiple customers at the same time, why not have your clients have the information that allows them to choose the right product, so there are no deliveries that come back because someone ordered the 250ml bottle instead of the 750ml bottle.

Create a searchable web site with all your products. If someone is looking for All Gold Tomato sauce, show them all the sizes and options, rather than trying to figure out what they ordered last time. In fact when they log in you could display all the stuff they ordered before, so that reordering is simpler.

A bespoke web site designed to your needs is the right solution. Using some generic software that doesn't do what you want seems to defeat the object of creating a customer facing bespoke web site.

Let us help spec up your bespoke web site needs, call today.


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