Search Engine Optimisation Packages Pretoria

Search Engine Optimisation Packages PretoriaMany people will make the same mistake today. They will buy a cheap web site from a web site mill selling websites for only R 999.00. This is akin to buying a maltese poodle for a police dog or a Beetle to go drag racing. It's possible to go drag racing with a Beetle if you make some major mechanical changes. You will never compete against the top fuel dragsters though.

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You could race the beetle if you did some serious tuning, and replacing of components like the engine. There are records of five hundred and fifty and more horse power Beetles. These Beetles had engines full of trick parts and were highly tuned on a dynamometer to ensure they got the best results, The record for a Beetle over a quarter mile is 8.670 seconds. The particular Beetle dominates it's class. Winning Beetle

91% of web sites have had no search engine results at all, 1% of the worlds web sites get 90% of all search engine traffic. The best bit of news here is that you don't have to compete with that 1% because like the Beetle you will be competing in a different category. 90% of all businesses on the web compete on a local level. A hardware store in Gezina will get few customers from people as close as Pretoria North if there was a hardware store closer to where they were.

A hardware store in Doornpoort may compete with one in Montana, because they are close by. Vry few people will travel long distances to find something they can get close by unless there are great reasons to do so. A nail studio in Montana is unlikely to have any clients in common with one in Centurion unless the customer lives in one and works in the other.

Free SEO report, Pretoria North: Competing in your class

3% of websites get 10 clicks or less from the search engines a month, so in essence search engine traffic that is worth mentioning is going to 6% of all web sites. Every client website I have ever worked on is in the 5% that don't gain all the web traffic but gain enough to make their web sites a valuable resource rather than a cost of doing business.

In my last business venture I spent no money on advertising for more than a year before I closed down for health reasons. I was still getting calls 3 months later. I closed down the website because I couldn't find anyone that was willing to pay for my leads. My last month I had over 400 visitors to the site. I was always turning work away because I had too many leads to handle.

Free Search engine report, Pretoria: Put your site on the Dyno

Let's put your website on the Dyno and get the data we need to tune it. That part we do free. We will give you a absolutely no strings attached FREE search engine report. We will look at all the most important factors the search engines look at and tell you exactly why your Beetle is not going to win. Once you know what the problems are we can discuss the fixes.

The things we will look at are the basics, sometimes all that is needed is to get the basics fixed, because in a class where all the competitors are not fixing their suspensions, changing the jets and sorting out airflow, sometimes just rejetting is enough to beat them. I remember back when I drag raced at the Pure and Cool. My Giulietta was beaten by another just because he had different jets giving him more fuel and air, and he had put his car on the Dyno and tuned it perfectly. Just a small change meant he gained a quarter second over the strip. It was enough.

Lets talk about the little things that can be tuned. We start by looking at the content, can it be better? Next we look at the meta tags, are you doing it right? Have you heard of Schema or the semantic web? Are you taking advantage of it? Who is linking back to you? Are you taking advantage of any local marketing opportunities, Is your listing on the Google map as good as it can be? Who is your competition and can they be beaten?

Once we have all the data we can make suggestions on how to tune your Beetle and dominate your class.

SEO Packages Pretoria

While deciding what should be in my SEO packages I looked at the offerings of many other SEO agencies and companies, to see what was being offered. I was quite surprised at what was included and what was excluded.

What is excluded? Check the small print in the SEO package

Some of the exclusions make no sense to me because if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Optimising the pages that exist may require total rewrites, making major changes so excluding making these changes seems to be self defeating. If I am going to optimise your site and everything is wrong, we may need a redesign, we may need to change content and even create new content.

If what you have is not going to do the job, it may require a major change. I did note that some of these SEO agencies were offering pricing too good to be true, and thus the exclusions. In considering creating a SEO package I needed to take these things into account. Rather than turning away clients that don't have the budgets, I'd rather do less every month, but make sure that we have the basics covered.

Is three months enough time for an SEO package to work?

I also noted packages that were offered over 3 months. Three months is not enough to get the results anyone needs. A SEO package based on a 3 month period may get absolutely no results. It may just be beginning to take shape and be competing for long tail keywords locally, but the tough ones, won't be working yet.

I also saw people saying that they could not guarantee results, apparently nobody can. Yes guaranteeing the first place on Google is not wise, because things change, but SEO is not about immediate gratification, it is about taking the time to do it right, and to study the analytics ensuring you know what needs tweaking, what needs changing.

How long does it take

I have been working on this website for 6 weeks today, and I have got some minor results thus far. Another website I have is right at the top of Google for it's search terms. An experiment I did is ranking number one on Google for a few terms, but getting no traffic because fewer people search in Afrikaans than I expected.

This site is on page one of Google for a number of search terms, but the terms have not yet delivered the goods, It may take another 3 months, it may take 6 to get the results I desire, but even then I'll be tweaking and improving to improve the results. It's always worth growing a business that is scalable. I have in the past had results in only days, but they were a lot better 6 months later and even better a year later.

I would suggest a SEO package for no less than 12 months, dependng on your web site. Competing locally is easier than competing provincially, nationally or internationally.

Pretoria SEO package costs

All of the following packages are time based rather than task based, because different tasks take longer than others and may be the focus for weeks on end to build the results.


SEO Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research



Canonical URL

Schema Markup

Repair Title

Repair Meta description

Content Creation

Directory submission

Analytics setup

Search Console setup

Monthly reports

Monthly planning

Monthly updates

Google my Business

Link building


Local Optimisation

GMB Optimisation

Image Optimisation

Image Alt tags

Google verification

Set-up fee
4 999

Monthly retainer

Max hours per month

Rate extra hours

Minimum period
No strings

Free Report
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Pretoria SEO Packages: Meanings and terms

Pretoria web development will supply search engine optimisation services as below. We will need admin and ftp access to your website, direct communication with your web designer, social media marketers and advertising staff. We consider our service to be holistic and it will need inputs from others in your marketing chain, and will include instructions and suggestions for other marketing mediums.

The stated goal of the Pretoria SEO packages is to achieve page one Google and other search engine listings. My own goal is to generate leads for your business that convert into sales. The metric we work to is not just improving traffic but increasing turn-over for your Pretoria company. I know that my success is tied to yours. The more you earn, the more likely you are to spend more money marketing your business.

SEO Analysis

Every one of the packages starts with SEO analysis. The objective of SEO analysis is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website. This is purely a report on the current status of your online presence. The free report will point out where your online presence is in need of work. The Gold, Silver and Platinum reports go into more detail.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis report is to understand who the competition is in the online sphere. The free report will only advise who the competition are and the difficulty of competing. The Silver, Gold and Platinum reports go into more detail.

Pretoria SEO package set up

Keyword Research

Keyword research will generate a lot of data about how people are searching for businesses like yours. We will report back on up to 15 main key phrases in the set-up phase. The 15 main key phrases will also include long tail variations, synonymns and competitive data analysis.

Robots.txt, Sitemap, Canonical URL

In the set up phase we ensure that your web site is SEO ready, We check whether best practices are being followed and start making changes to the way the website works, Are you displaying canonical URL's, Do you have a sitemap, Is the site using Schema mark up? We look at Titles, Meta descriptions and rewrite them to get better results.

Analytics and Search Console setup

We set up the Google search Console and Analytics, ensuring that your sitemap is registered with not only Google but the other main search engines as well.

Google my Business

We set up your Google my business page and ensure that we are making full use of all the features, check that your website and other mentions of your business online are optimally optimised to make use of the Google snack pack. This is where we fully expect to get the early results, so we want to make sure that we make the best use of it. we will also make sure that your business gets verified by Google.


It is during this phase that we will discuss redesign, making optimum use of corporate and brand identity, and creating a universal message that ties in with all other advertising and marketing. Creating a unified marketing strategy is important and everything from business cards and brochures to the web site need to be telling the same story.

Local Optimisation

We start with preparing a local optimisation strategy, 90% of businesses compete on the local level, Even multi nationals compete locally at a branch level. We look at the local area and try and find ways of mining it effectively.

Image Optimisation

Optimising for speed is part of the process, other than code overhead, slow connections and slow servers, images are the main reason web sites are slow. We will look at every image and reduce sizes, reduce the file sizes and optimise them to make sure that your website is operating optimally, we will even create a new naming protocol so that we can win at Google images. We will definitely be looking at the alt tags and improving those if possible.

SEO packages in Pretoria: Moving ahead

Keyword Research

Ongoing keyword research will be done for as long as we are working on your website Over time we will add to the 15 main key phrases identified in the set-up phase. The sources also change from keyword tools to checking exactly where and how we are receiving our traffic, are there keywords we could improve, are there some we missed that are being suggested by Google.

We will hunt down the crumbs because many crumbs make a loaf.

Content Creation

If we don't have the right content on the web site, we will create it from images to text. If the content we have, isn't giving the results we expect, it will be tweaked, modified and changed. Content needs constant and never ending improvement. The statistics, analytics and Google suggestions will allow us to always be improving.

Monthly reports and planning

We will do analytical, keyword and updated SEO analysis on an ongoing basis, to see where and how we can improve, What strategies we need to use to defeat the opposition and bludgeon them back to page two where the dead bodies are hidden on Google. The reports and planning will keep you in the loop and allow you to keep a hand on the reigns. They will also determine the course we need to follow and show us where more needs to be done, All reports are sent by email and a monthly meeting may be unnecessary but we will insist on a quarterly face to face.

Google my Business

We will keep a hand on the GMB snack pack, adding content, answering the questions, getting the reviews. We will be looking to create customer loyalty and making sure that every client that has been well looked after helps spread the word. Collecting information where you deal with the customers will be part of the strategy.

Link building

Link building is tedious and slow. There are ways to make this easier. Creating great content that people want to link to is important. We will never buy links, not even with your money because an organic link building strategy always gives better results.


Every bit of online marketing can be tested for results. We can tell if something is working or not and if something needs redesigning we do it. Much of marketing can be trial and error, but testing and checking results makes marketing a lot less hit and miss.

Local Optimisation

We will focus on local optimisation throughout the SEO package period. Our goal is to dominate the local area, that you supply services and products to, for all of our keyword phrases. We use all the tools at our disposal, including other indexes. We will optimise entries on local websites, indexes like hotfrog and yalwa, if we can get those indexes to rank higher than the competition that's one more place for customers to find us and not the competition.

Pretoria SEO packages - Understanding the fees

Set-up fee

Every package has a setup fee. The set up fee is to setup everything and make sure that we are search engine ready. When I design a website, I do everything from the ground up, This is not true of many other web designers. Modifications that may need to be made, 3rd party tools that need setting up and more. The limitation on the set up is time allowed for the job. Set up fees are paid in advance.

Monthly retainer

The monthly retainer agreed upon is payable in advance, so in the first month a set up fee and retainer fee will be due.

Max hours per month

It is not possible for us to work more hours than allowed. It is in your best interests that we run a profitable business. If our business is profitable, we can supply better service. Every package is limited by time. If we need to exceed this time, an hourly rate will be levied. You will be advised and can either approve extra hours or not.

Minimum period

This is a suggestion, we don't have a minimum contract, If we are not doing what you expect, you can give a months notice to end the agreement. Results from SEO take time, I have achieved results in a few days and in other scenarios it has taken months. It's easy to rank for keywords with little competition, It is less so for highly competitive industries. ranking for long tails can be deceptively easy, but the real meat on the bone is the short tail, that takes more time.


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