Affordable web design packages, Montana, Pretoria

Affordable web design packages, Montana, PretoriaIn Afrikaans there is a saying, "goedkoop is duurkoop". In English we talk about "being penny wise and pound foolish". They basically mean the same thing. Experience tells us we cannot get a Ferrari if we can only afford a Beetle.

Cheap web design is like that Beetle. It might have a great spray job, but nothing will happen under the hood if there is no fuel in the tank. In order to make web design affordable we need to add fuel.

A Beetle with petrol will get you anywhere the Ferrari will go, slower in some instances, and the Beetle will probably go to some places the Ferrari won't. You wouldn't try and drive a Ferrari on a beach or a twee spoor farm road, you'd tear the guts out of it.

Website investment vs website cost

Advertising is either an investment or a nett cost to the business as is all marketing. Marketing is to generate business. Exposure doesn't pay the rent, sales do. My sole criteria for if something has value in my business is, Does it make a profit? If your web site does not make a profit it has no value to the business.

Our budget web design packages are designed to be an investment, The cheap web design packages are in fact affordable web design packages. We have pre coded and integrated all of the components needed to gain results from the search engines. We will work for clients nation wide and further.

Do you have time or money to invest in your web site

From our experience there are two types of businesses, those that need more money and those that need more time. We cater to both. To save costs for those with limited budgets we act more in an advisory capacity when content needs to be created, the budget strapped create their own content and for the time strapped we do it all.

The bones of the web sites are the same, The templates used are the same unless you choose to have a custom template or need something not offered in the standard package. If you need something more complex, unique or tailored to your needs visit Click here for information about our bespoke web development services

A full explanation of all terms can be found below the package table.

Budget web site design package options



Responsive web design

Search Engine Ready

Free local domain registration



Map and directions

Semantic web

Standard templates

Corporate colours

Image optimisation

Analytics Setup

Search Console setup

GMB Setup

Social media buttons

Facebook feed

Keyword Research

Content creation


Owner updatable

Custom design

Set-up fee
7 999

12 months free
12 months free

Annual hosting

Maintenance Monthly optional

Max hours per month

Minimum period months

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Add Search Engine Optimisation Services

You can add a SEO package to any of the above offerings, No setup fee is payable on the GOLD and PLATINUM affordable web design packages because the packages are already set up as required. The Bronze and Silver packages will require setup because even though the features exist and are ready to implement, they need to be integrated. If you supplied all the information as requested, the setup will be limited to adding the blog component.

What do all the budget web design terms mean?

  • Pages are defined as a separate web page with individual content. Limits on content are fluid, anywhere between 1000 and 2000 words can be supplied per page for the packages that require the client to supply content
  • Responsive web design is web design that is responsive to the platform being used to access the content. It will display correctly on anything from a mobile phone to a big screen TV.
  • Search Engine Ready means that the affordable web site has all the needed features to get great results from the search engines.
  • Free Local domain Registration allows for a domain with a local tld ie,, to be registered for 12 months. This will require an annual fee for re-registration.
  • Site Maps are a tool used by Search Engines to crawl your website, It makes indexing your website easier and it also allows search engines to check if it has been updated since the last crawl.
  • Robots.txt tells the search engines where your sitemap is and what they may and may not crawl and index.
  • Map and directions refers to a Google map insert on your contact details. Bronze and Silver package is ready, but client will need to supply the link, Instructions on where to get the content are supplied
  • The Semantic web is code that allows the search engines to know exactly what each page contains and how it relates to your business or web site. Bronze and Silver package is ready, but client will need to supply the link, Instructions on where to get the content are supplied
  • Standard Template You can choose between any of our standard templates which will be colour modified to suit your corporate identity.
  • Image optimisation We will create a header and optimise up to 3 images per page on the website from images you supply. Do not copy images from the web, only use images you created.
  • Analytics and Search Console are tools offered by Google to analyse and manage your results from the search engines. Bronze and Silver package is ready, but client will need to supply the link and registration details, Instructions on where to get the content are supplied
  • GMB or Google My Business is an important part of local optimisation, We set it up if your package qualifies
  • Social Media Buttons ie facebook like and twitter share are added to qualifying packages.
  • Facebook page feeds and twitter feeds can be added to qualifying packages.
  • Keyword research and content creation is available for qualifying packages, Bronze and Silver package clients supply content, Instructions on how to find keywords and create the content are supplied
  • Blog Qualifying packages have a blogging platform allowing the website owner to add content as and when they want to.
  • The platinum affordable web design package allows for a custom template to be created based on client input
  • Hosting can be paid for monthly or annually, qualifying packages include the first 12 months hosting
  • Monthly Maintenance is an optional fee,
    This fee covers back ups, upgrades to the web app, restores and minor changes to content. There is a two hour a month limit on maintenance calculated on a three month cycle. Additional hours will be billed at prevailing rates
  • Minimum Period for the hosting packages is 12 months.

Affordable web design, Montana Pretoria

As a small business owner, I have spent money on advertising, because, a business with no advertising is like a bloke winking at a girl in the dark, Only the winker knows. Over the last 20 years I have learned to spend money where it counts. If I advertise in a magazine and I get no results, I don't do that again. Having had a few different small businesses I can tell you that what works for one does not necessarily work for another.
Affordable web design Pretoria
It doesn't matter how cheap the advertising is, or how expensive, if it gets no results its too expensive. Getting a cheap web site, ie a Beetle with no fuel is not affordable web design, it's a waste of hard earned money. Further to this if your business is in trouble and you are hoping that an affordable web site is a quick fix, it's not.

There is a dictum on the web, you either spend money paying someone to do the hard work, or you spend the time doing it your self. Getting results from the internet will not happen over night, it will not happen with out effort and it's your choice whether you pay for someone to do it properly or do it your self.

Anything that pays for itself is affordable, Real affordable web design gets results. You should earn more from your web site than you spend on it. Full stop. You cannot do that if your affordable web site doesn't get seen by anybody.

Can I get affordable web design in Montana, Pretoria?

Affordable web design can be had in Montana Pretoria if you want real results. A web site will only start showing dividends moths after it goes live, The reason for this is that a web site needs to be better than anything the opposition offer. If you are planning to do what every one else in your industry is doing, that is the first mistake. Sell the sizzle not the steak.

Montana, Pretoria Affordable web design - getting results from the search engines

61% of the web is now on mobile devices, and they will move on to another web site if they can't navigate and read yours with ease. At Pretoria web development, we automatically design our affordable web package to ensure you don't lose these potential clients.

Our budget web site uses responsive web design to make sure no matter how the potential client is viewing it, he can see it optimally on every platform from a cell phone to a big screen TV. We make sure you don't lose 61% of your target market.

Montana, Pretoria Affordable web design | Optimise for Search engines

If you look on the Google results page, you will see the results laid out in a manner that is pretty simple, The information you see however rarely comes from the page.
results driven web design Pretoria
If you have a bad title, Google will make it up for you by guessing what's on the page, If you have a bad description, Google will guess, but facts are that in very limited markets will those results ever appear on a results page anyway.

Our affordable web design package is designed in part around being able to make great title and meta tags, because they are important. A great Title tag can lead to more click throughs and thus resulting in better search engine positioning.

We also included the semantic web. The semantic web is a method of telling the search engines what the page is about, we can also tell them what areas you cover, where you are and what your business hours are, These details let the search engines know you are serious about offering great information.

Included in the affordable web design package is a site map, to make it easier for the search engines to index your website, a robots.txt file to tell them where it is, and a links page that links to other affordable web sites, and from them as well. The link page is important because search engines use back links as one more measurement of your authority.
Budget web site design GautengBudget web site design PretoriaBudget web site design Centurion
The more quality back links you have, the better you will do and what could be better than local businesses linking to one another.

Montana, Pretoria Affordable web design | focus on content

Although our budget web design package is predicated on you supplying the content, we will edit and modify the content, after sending it back to you with demands for more information, showing you how to lay it out properly and how to add images.

One of our websites is dedicated to showing you exactly what needs doing, after all you are as serious as we are about making this work right?

Montana, Pretoria Affordable web design | focus on speed

If your web site takes longer than 2 seconds to download you lose 40% of the traffic, If it takes 10 seconds to download you may retain 5%.
Google uses a metric known as the bounce rate to determine if your web site offers what people are looking for. Basically if someone clicks through to the website and then back to Google, Google determines the time spent and if it's too short a time, it's called a bounce. The higher your bounce rate, the more your SERPS are punished.

In essence two things affect your bounce rate, the speed of your site and the quality of your content. If people are not finding what they are looking for fast enough, your SERPS will be negatively impacted. If however people stay and read and move onto more pages on your site, Google will assume the site has authority. When that happens your SERPS are improved.

Montana, Pretoria Affordable web design | What do you get?

This package is designed for people with time and low budgets. We have calculated our costs to the cent and there are things we will not be doing unless you pay extra. It is designed for people that are serious about their business and getting results.

The first of these is meetings, This package is designed to make it easy, you pick a template, email content after reading our instructions. If you send all the details you get a web site that works, If you don't and I have to spend time chasing you, you will be invoiced for all time that is in excess of the 4 hours allowed for your web site.

We will register a free /.xyz/ .online or domain for you depending on availability. We suggest a domain the describes the business, rather than the business name, For an extra R 200.00 we will register both and link them to the website so that you can have email at yourcompanyname. something. To get results is far better than
we will also do any optimisation of images required.

Affordable web design PretoriaAffordable web design CenturionAffordable web design Gauteng
We will edit, not create your content, You know your business better than us, however if you want us to create content, research and copy writing are not included in affordable web design packages.

We will optimise your images for the web and create a header from images supplied.

Affordable web design Montana | It will take time

It takes time to get results, This will not happen in a week or two, most web sites only start ranking well after 90 days or more. If you are hoping that a web site will save your business in the short term, my advice is rather print flyers and hand them out, you will get better short term results.

I started a kitchen business by handing out flyers and developed a web site for it. The first year I got a few sales due to the web site, The second year all my sales were due to the web site. My business was closed down in December for health reasons, I can't pick up all the heavy materials any more and I am still getting calls and emails fro the site that I have not updated in a year.

Affordable web design that works needs more than a pretty skin, At Pretoria web development in Montana, Pretoria, we insist on web sites that bring a return on investment. If a web site costs money and does not get sales or leads, it can never be affordable web design. Any web site that earns more than it costs is affordable web design.

Something cheap is not affordable if it doesn't do it's job. If I buy a cheese grater for 20c and it cannot great cheese, that was 20c wasted. An affordable web site for your business that does not do it's job is like that cheese grater, a waste of money. Today want to talk to you about creatng great content for your web site.

Affordable web design | Finding Keywords to create content around

Our affordable web design package is made for clients starting up their businesses, that have more time available than money, clients that are dedicated to their businesses, and are willing to do some of the work themselves. Obviously not the design and creating the website, but creating the content for sure.

Finding keywords is part of the deal, You know your business better than we do, you always will, you have direct access to your clents so can ask questions. Let us imagine you run a small mobile car repair business, how would you start searching for some one to come out and fix you car.

Affordable web design | Effective keywords and localising

I am going to assume you are in Sinoville and down the road from you is a car owner that has had their clutch fail. How would they start looking for someone to replace the clutch, They don't want to spend an arm or a leg, mainly because Eskom's sabotage of the local businesses in Annlin, Pretoria North, Doornpoort and Montana have affected their bottom line.

The last thing they needed was a clutch failure, so going to the Ford dealership in Wonderboom is beyond the scope of reality. What keywords will they use to find a local mechanic that will do a clutch job on a Ford Kuga? I imagine that if it were me I would type in Sinoville Ford Mechanic to start with, Maybe I'd try Montana or Pretoria North though, they seem close enough, or maybe clutch repairs Pretoria North.

As the mechanic I would do a Google search for those words and see what Google suggests. Once you have the suggestions, you have an idea what content to create. If people are searching for it we want to be found.
Budget web site design GautengBudget web site design PretoriaBudget web site design Centurion
TOP TIP. If there are 18 million results and the top 10 listings are absolutely relevant, it will probably be easier to rank for different keywords. Look at the content of the top 3 and if you couldn't do better, move on and find a different set of keywords.

Affordable web design | Finding Keywords that you can compete with

The thing to remember here is that 2 calls about repairing Ford Focus brakes, is better than no calls about repairing all models brakes. Target the keywords for results, being general is not going to work, lets say you searched for Ford Kuga clutch repairs, this is a very broad search term and competing would be difficult.

If you added Pretoria to the term it may still be difficult, but is anyone actually using your local area, you will have noticed that I mentioned Annlin, Sinoville, Montana, Doornpoort and Pretoria North in this article because I love clients close to home. Not only that fewer people will search that close to home, meaning that most businesses with affordable websites will not optimise for such a tight area.

TOP TIP. The more keywords you rank for the easier it is to rank for more keywords. If your web site is found for Sinoville gearbox repairs, or Annlin brake repairs or Pretoria North CV joint replacement, and you get a low bounce rate because your content is good, Google will give your site more authority and soon you will be ranking for Pretoria searches as well.

Affordable web design, Montana, Pretoria | creating content

Too many web sites limit themselves by the content they have. Google likes words, pictures are less important. From my own testing I know that lots of information get's better results than just the minimum. I heard that Google likes a minimum of 300 words about a subject or a service.

From my own and others testing we know that the more comprehensive your content, the more authoritative your content, the more Google likes it. My best results come from content with more than 1500 words. I have seen people talking about 4000 word articles getting even better results, The average page on the Google serps has 1890 words.

Montana Affordable web design, Pretoria | Make your content easy to read

TOP TIPShort paragraphs make your articles easy to skim. Regular headlines even more so. If in doubt use smaller words. Indubitably it is more efficient to use words with fewer syllables. Every other sentence i wrote was easier to read than the last one.

Don't use slang and industry specific terms, Not every one knows that a thrust bearing is part of a clutch and they don't need to. They want to know that when the let the clutch pedal out the car will move, Industry terms confuse and bore. Sky hooks and long weights should stay in the workshop where they belong.

Montana, Pretoria, Affordable web design | Make your content personal

Make it personal, People know that small businesses are run by people, Use those stories in your information that may be humourous, interesting and allow you to use the keywords, They also make you human, and approachable.

You know when old Mrs van Tonders clutch in blew on the 69 Chevy and we had to tow it in from the N4. Finding parts was almost impossible but I spoke to my mate Piet in Wolmaranstad because he knows old man Willie Pienaar that farms with 69 Chevies. Oom Willie helped us find that clutch from his connection Geel Piet in Upington, who had it lying in the barn on a shelf. Long story short, Mrs van Tonders Chevy is purring like a kitten on steroids.

Montana Pretoria, Affordable web design | Make your content interesting

Cool, funny and interesting tales keep people reading, dry humourless data doesn't Nobody cares that the clutch plate was made by Borg Warner in 1957. The longer you keep them on your page, the more likely they are to give you the money. Make your content interesting.

In sales training many years ago I was taught to sell the sizzle not the steak. Do this and get engagement.

Montana, Pretoria, Affordable web design | Create content that answers questions, not asks them

People are looking for answers, solutions and a way to make their lives better. Make the information that you are supplying do that.
Affordable web design PretoriaAffordable web design CenturionAffordable web design Gauteng
The only time you should be worrying about what is on your competitions website is if they are beating you on the Search engine rankings. Your content should be better, easier to read, easier to understand and more complete.

If you have a technical business selling technical widgets to a technical clientele, put up the specs, give them what they want.

If you are selling vacuum cleaners to Home executives, tell them how much better it sucks, not how many cubes of air it can move.

Affordable web design packages, Montana Pretoria

We offer a package with more value for money than most web designers. We can only offer an affordable web site design package for such a low cost because it is aimed at start up companies where time is less valuable than money, because it is more readily available.

We know that start up companies have owners that are hands on and are willing to contribute to their own success, We also know that these entrepreneurs know more about their business than any one else. The trade off here is that these small business owners are to create their own content.

Affordable web design | The trade offs

We give you the recipe, you create the content, we frame it and make sure it's best optimised for the web. (This is not a full search engine optimisation package) Based on the content you supply we will ensure a great title and description are used and we will make sure your semantic web tags are optimised. We will also optimise the images you supply.

There is a limit on the time we will spend on the affordable website. It is important that all content is supplied timeously so that we don't exceed the budgeted four hours for the site. We don't do meetings for these affordable web sites, all correspondence is via email, Any meetings will be charged for at our standard rates.

If you want us to create content, take photos

Picking a theme and a colour pallette

The budget website themes are pretty simple because you don't want to confuse your clients and you want to make the information readily available. Any theme you see can be modified to suit your corporate identity or brand. If you have a specific design you want, that will be charged for at our standard rates.

Semantic web or schema inputs

You will need to supply us with all the details for your website schema tags. The questions will be sent to you by email. All of this data is required to get your web site the best possible results from Google. Once your website is built we will send you step by step instructions to help you get some added Google juice.


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