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Bespoke web design Pretoria North, web designer Guy McLaren is a full stack developer. Guy codes HTML and CSS to create the user interface, PHP and MySQL are used to create the content management and server side code. Guy also does Search Engine Optimisation.

Full stack web development in Doornpoort, Pretoria North

A full stack web developer builds web sites from start to finish. They design the user interface, create the data storage, the data links and the database used to populate the content of a web site. Guy does full stack web development from his office in Doornpoort, Pretoria North.

Creating the user interface, Website design, Doornpoort, Pretoria North

This is the part of the website design that is considered design, The design elements include the look and feel, or the graphic design elements. Guy, the Doornpoort, Pretoria North, based web designer, is a firm believer in less is more. The most important part on any user interface design is the navigation.

The goal of any visitor to a website is to find information, be it to start the sales process or just to do some budgeting. Any website that makes the process more complicated than necessary loses visitors. Your goal should be the retention of any visitors to your Doornpoort, Pretoria North designed web site.

Many would like to think the logo and the splashy graphics on the website are more important than anything else. They are not, from the user perspective pretty is secondary to good information that is easy to find.
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One of the most successful websites ever built earned millions, yet it was not pretty, offered a very specific service selling Ferrari parts. It didn't even have a Ferrari logo on the site. It was an offer to contact the web site owner with the guarantee that he would find the parts you needed. Further to that it was a one page website.

It was the equivalent of a handwritten flyer handed out on a street corner in design terms, but he sold more Ferrari parts than anyone else on the web ever. I am not suggesting an ugly web site, I jsut think less focus should be on making it pretty than on getting it read and making it easy to navigate.

Pretoria North, Doornpoort web design: Static website design or not.

Today the Ferrari parts website probably would not do as well, because the algorithms the search engines use ave changed a lot. As far as I know the chap retired and I don't know what happened to the website. As I recall there was not much text on the site so the fact that the average page on the top of the Google search results has 1890 words would have negatively impacted the site.

Brochures online are not found on the top of the SERPS because Google values good content. Your Pretoria North, Doornpoort web design professional is fully aware of the value of good content. Static websites have their disadvantages because a great content management system allows you to make changes on a website without breaking the website as a whole.
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Every website should have an element allowing interaction, Sometimes all that is needed is a contact form, because you should not be placing your email address where bots can harvest it, allowing spammers access to your inbox. I don't like publishing my email address anywhere, and neither should you.

Doornpoort web design: Making the website look good

People in the West and thus here in Doornpoort, Pretoria North, read from left to right and from the top down. Your content should be optimally placed so that the visitors can read it easily. All good websites will use containers to hold content and these containers should be designed in such a way that you don't need to jump around the page to find and read any part of the content.
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Content should always be written is short paragraphs with regular headings making it easy to scan through. Many people are way to lazy to read and will skim over the headlines to decide if they have enough interest in the subject to tackle the text. If they were looking for your page by the subject of the matter and your content is great, make it easy to skim and read.

Add some graphics that are relevant to the subject matter, For some reason people like pictures and info graphics. You want to make your content easy to digest, use language that a ten year old will understand, Many many people battle with multi-syllable words and long sentences. 47% of people will read between 3 and 5 pages on a website before making contact. Make it easy for them to do so.

Pretoria North, Doornpoort web design: Content Management

The Doornpoort web designer in Pretoria North, creates scalable web sites. You can start with just 6 pages and upgrade to 12 at any time. The content management system designed by Pretoria Web Development makes it easy to add and or remove a page from a website if things change. You just send us the changes you want and we do them ASAP.

All of our data is stored in a MySQL database and quick changes to content can happen without much fuss. Our system was designed to be simple and SEO ready all at the same time. In comparison to other CMS(Content Management Systems) Ours has very little overhead. Over the years the methods of web design have change dramatically.

In the early days everything was hand coded, Now there are packages that allow people with no coding skill to design websites. The downside of these developments is what I call bloatware. All the sites have unneccesary code created by algorithms and software. I did some testing a number of years ago. My code was up to 70% less than that created by software such as Dreamweaver.

My CMS is smaller than 20kb, The most popular one downloads a 38mb zip file. The difference in speed should be apparent without any calculations. My biggest website with 533 stock items in the database uses a total disk space of 10.44 mb and that includes the 9 add on domains like the one that this website is running on.

At this point I have 6 websites using less diskspace than 1 installation of WordPress. That diskspace usage includes all the images and content on the web sites and the Wordpress installation files do not include SEO plugins, content or images. One of my clients is running a Wordpress blog and is using 69.2mb with less than 15 posts.

Pretoria North, Doornpoort web design: Optimisation

Pretoria North web design: Optimising for mobile users

It is accepted that 61% of the webs traffic is now mobile users. At Doornpoort web design, Pretoria North, we optimise and design for Mobile web sites. Google now has a Mobile first search result algorithm, If your website is not mobile ready you get pushed to the back of the queue. Our affordable web site packages use responsive web design to make sure that no matter what platform the visitor is on they see a site optimised for them.

Images are also optimised for speed. Bounce rates increase by 50% if your website takes just 2 seconds longer, than the acceptable 2 seconds most people will wait for a site to open. That goes up to 71% if it takes just an extra second. If your web site takes just 5 seconds to open, you lose 71% of your traffic. Not optimising will cost you sales.

Doornpoort, Pretoria North Search engine optimisation

Google lays claim to 76% of search engine traffic. 93% of all web traffic starts with a search engine. No search engine other than Google has more than 10% of search traffic, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo cumulatively account for 21% of search engine traffic. I don't think it's worth spending a whole lot of time trying to get traffic from sources that give back very little.

The majority of my search engine results, are pretty close to the statistics offered above. I spend my time optimising for the best Google results, and the other search engines follow suite. If you are doing it right for Google, you are doing it right for the other search engines.
web design Pretoria

Pretoria North, Doorpoort web design: 9 parts of your website to optimise for the search engines

  1. Content: Have better content than any of your competitors, I believe this is the most important aspect of search engine optimisation
  2. Title tags: Title tags are used in the search results, make them clickable, make them interesting
  3. Meta Description: These are often used in the search results below the Title tag. Make them reflect the keywords you are focusing on and a factual description of the content
  4. Image alt tags: You can use these to get the keywords highlighted once again.
  5. The semantic web tags: Here is an opportunity to localise, and specify what the page is about.
  6. Images: If your images use too much bandwidth, resize them and optimise them, Google loves images that download quickly
  7. Check the overhead: How much bandwidth does it need to download your page? can it be reduced to speed up the web site?
  8. Links: link to other pages on your website using targeted keywords for those pages.
  9. Sitemap: Make sure your website has a sitemap and it's been submitted in the search console

Pretoria North, Doornpoort web designer certification

Over the years I have done much online training most of it without certification, or certification at high cost. One of those courses was a web design Diploma from Allison.com which I achieved a 95% pass with.

Pretoria North Web Designer - Certification

training done by the Pretoria North web designer
On Monday 25 Feb 2019 I decided to get certification of my web design and SEO skills. I did approximately 48 hours of Google training in two hours, by not watching the training videos and doing just the test your knowledge quizzes and writing the tests. I scored better than 90% overall, I score 90% for the the 40hour course, 100% for the 7 hour course and 100% for the 1 hour course.

The courses I did covered digital marketing, digital security and coding

Pretoria North Web Design - Google certified

training done by the Pretoria North web designer

Costs of web design packages, Pretoria North, Gauteng

Here at Pretoria web development we have web design packages for all budgets from the start up company that needs a web presence to prove they are a
real business or the company that wants a full e commerce solution to grow their business. This page has all the details of our web design packages.

Affordable web site design packages in Pretoria North

Pretoria web development have designed and built a Content Management System that allows the quick creation of websites, Included in the CMS is allowance for the important components of on page and off page search engine optimisation. We are not fans of cheap web site design because it doesn't work.

47% of all websites have little to no search engine optimisation, They don't get seen by anyone except the owner of the website, the designer and a few people that are told it's there. 80% of websites will never be seen on the front page of Google for a number of reasons, and the overwhelming majority of those are done by web designers that are less concerned with results than with selling a cheap website and web hosting.

At Pretoria web development, results matter, we want you to be on the top of Google, we want you to be getting leads, we want you to have a successful business because we helped you achieve your web goals. We understand that budgets can be a limiting factor so we developed a budget website package for your Pretoria North and Gauteng based company.

Starter budget web design package, Pretoria North

Our budget web design package is better than anything else we have seen offered because we don't just knock out a cheap web site by using a wordpress installation and a free wordpress template. We also know that that bigger is better, We don't do 3 page and 5 page websites.

Our starter web design package is designed to be upgraded starting with 6 pages. Upgrade to 10 pages or 20 when you can afford it. Facts are that Google likes web sites with great content, and the more great content you have, the more Google likes it.

The average page on page 1 of the Google results has 1890 words. Each page on your website is not limited by an A4 pages content but by how much you can write about the page subject. To make your budget website affordable, you will create your own content for the budget website. Based on the supplied content we will create titles and meta tags for SEO.

We will supply you with a format that works, so that you can fill in the details. You will also supply all images too be used in the budget website in jpg or png format. We will optimse, resize and create the header image using your images. You get to choose one of our templates which we will adapt to your corporate colours.

Further to this you will be given a questionaire to allow us to fill in all the semantic web information, This is to make it easier for the search engines to index your web site correctly.


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